Add three pillars of success to your sales team !

Natural Language Interface to Customer Problems

Sales folks can write the customer pain points, and the Accelero Sales Insights will translate that into an actionable matrix.

Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph that is brings rich sources of business data together. The sales person is able to get rich enhanced data when looking for solutions.

Accelerate Finding Solutions

Take the guess work out of matching business solutions to customer problems. Leverage Accerlo’s advanced AI solutions to add agility to your sales process.

What does Accelero do ?


Empower sellers by rapidly discovering solutions to the customer problems. Thus accelerating the process from first hello to closing deals.

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How does Accelero do it ?

Accelero is designed to collect rich information from various business sources and merge it with qualified leads. An Accelero-ed sales team sees opportunities that others miss.

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Why do I need Accelero ?

Accelero’s AI-assisted sales team can see opportunities that exist across domains.

Accelero takes the grunt work out of correlating information from different sources to provide a single page of business intelligence that can accelerate sales.

The sales team gets to focus more on sales, not on back-office work.

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Experience the AI-assisted sales acceleration

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